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PLEASE NOTE: This free 279-page book is for wealth-minded Americans who want to build lasting personal wealth in a timely, secure manner with no “gimmicks”. If you are looking for a “Get Rich Quick Scheme”, then the expert advice and knowledge inside my free book will not be right for you.

“Charles is not only smart. He dresses to kill every day.

Always enjoy his point of view on Fox. Keep up the good work Charles”

Michael C.

“Charles is not only smart. He dresses to kill every day. Always enjoy his point of view on Fox. Keep up the good work Charles” Michael C.

For Informed Investors, Today’s Stock Market
Is Filled with Incredible Opportunities to Build
Unstoppable Prosperity.
The Question is… Are You Willing to Put Yourself in a Position to Capitalize?

If you are an American whose stock market investments are underperforming and delivering a rate of return that simply isn’t good enough…

Or… you have never traded the market before due to uncertainty and the fear of losing the savings that you have built over a lifetime.

Then there is an opportunity in front of you today to learn how to overcome what has, up until now, prevented you from sharing in the rewards of the stock market.


As we have all witnessed, just a single event out of your control (like a decision in Washington) can be all it takes to destabilize our Great American Economy and impact your future.
Right Now, Millions of Americans
Are Waking Up to the Fact that Taking Charge of Their Own Economic Prosperity is More Important Than Ever

It may be clear to you, just like it is to many of your fellow Americans, that financial independence is the only way to secure your lifestyle and plans for the future.

For wealth-minded individuals, one of the single best ways to build unstoppable prosperity is through the stock market.

If you understand this undeniable truth, you certainly aren’t alone.


More Money Has Flowed into The Stock Market in Recent Months Than in The Past 12 Years…

The truth is, this influx of investment capital is creating stock market opportunities unlike any we have witnessed before.

This means, for informed investors, there is the chance to capitalize in ways unlike most of us have seen in our lifetimes.

Despite the Perfectly Timed Opportunity to Build True Personal Wealth that is in Front of You Today,
There Will Still be Winners and Losers

The truth is the stock market offers everyone, including you, tremendous prosperity and wealth building opportunities.

I believe it is the greatest wealth creation machine ever devised.

But regrettably, for most hardworking American investors, there is a strong possibility that they are approaching the stock market in the wrong way.

This is due to a combination of bad advice, false promises from “advisors” and simply a lack of stock market experience.

Sadly, sometimes it’s a mix of all three…

And it’s for this reason that many Americans find themselves financially insecure, unprepared for retirement and worried sick about outliving their investments.

But right now, with today’s market opportunities and the right knowledge, this can all change… even for the most inexperienced investor.

Learn the Strategy I use to BEAT THE MARKET in Good Times and Bad…
Developed Over 35 Years as a Professional Investor

In this must-read FREE BOOK for prosperity-minded American investors, I will show you how to use the stock market to build Unstoppable Prosperity, including…

My unique “3 Pillars for Success” that I use to weather any storm and beat the market in good times and bad.

Page 7

The critical differences between “traders” and “investors” and how to expertly use my 30-60-10 approach to strike the perfect balance between investing and trading.

Page 32

The vital first step you must take to make better investing decisions… by identifying what kind of investor you are based on previous wealth-limiting mistakes and your risk tolerance.

Page 34

Winning strategies for quickly building a vetted stock “Watch List” that will tell you what and when to buy so you strike at the best times.

Page 45

Little-known ways to pick winners by leveraging what you already know. The world around you is constantly giving you indicators about the stock market and my “inherent wisdom” principle helps unlock this hidden value.

Page 47

Put yourself in prime position to capitalize on “near-term pops” by simply reading societal trends and events that are sure to influence the market (big firms and Wall Street never miss these!)

Page 51

The #1 way to take advantage of inevitable market corrections, pullbacks and crashes just by knowing how to spot the concealed “warning signs” that can unlock great investing opportunities. (IMPORTANT: This has NOTHING to do with dangerously “guessing” the bottoms in market crashes).

Page 155

What to do to avoid the devastating “7 Rookie Mistakes Even Experience Traders Make” by catching yourself before you make them, saving your portfolio from potential disaster!

Page 183

The simple ways to harness your emotions and make “money in the mayhem” by making rational decisions when everyone around you is panicking and losing their collective minds.

Page 93

Skyrocketing your chances of finding your next “Grand Slam” investment calling on the underutilized 7 indicators of deep technical analysis that I personally use to pinpoint the best times to buy or sell.

Page 237
Plus, Inside the Pages of Unstoppable Prosperity,
I Will Reveal Even More of the Stock Market Principles I Have Trusted for the Past Three Decades…

My stealthy portfolio composition and management formula that gives you the opportunity to make superior returns, while managing risk and will prove you don’t need an outside money manager (in fact, you could be worse off with one!).

Page 115

The dependable way to precisely allocate your hard-earned funds in the safest way possible that doesn’t limit your ROI, regardless of how much you have to invest.

Page 118

The critical requirements for building a “recession resistant” portfolio, including the “7 Macro Concerns” that lead to uncontrollable events that devastate stock portfolios (and how to safeguard against them!).

Page 119

The must-Know “4-Stage Life Cycle” of an investmentthat is your proven roadmap for when to exit positions to lock in profits and escape devastating losses (while avoiding decisions that may limit your long-term wealth creation goals).

Page 139

Master the science of “quick look” technical analysis so you can almost instantly read seemingly complex stock charts just like I do to reveal flashing indicators of when to buy or sell.

Page 67

How to spot the “8 Chart Formations Every Serious Investor Must Know” that can help you perfectly time trades, even if you are a passive investor or have never read a stock chart before.

Page 79

The single best way to “look inside the books” of companies using my deep dive fundamental methods to give yourself priceless peace of mind before investing your hard-earned funds.

Page 207

My powerful “Peer Review Technique” for uncovering the tiniest of margins that separate seemingly equal companies that will give clear signals about the must-buy stocks in a hot sector.

Page 228
Plus, so much more…
So much more, in fact, I can’t possibly explain it all on this page.
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But Please Understand…
This Isn’t Just a Short-Lived Scheme… If You Are Open to Learning, I Will Teach You a Skill for Life

As much as some others want you to believe that the stock market will always boom, that’s simply not true.

Now, I don’t tell you this to scare you off. Just to be honest with you.

But, if you take me up on what I am giving you access to today, you will have a strategy that will serve you in EVERY market cycle…

If the economy is getting clobbered, you will know how to use this to your advantage…

If the market is doing great, you will know how you could beat the market by even more…

If the market is flat, you will understand how to find pockets of opportunity…

Put simply, it doesn’t matter what’s going on in the overall market…

The only thing that is important is what’s going on in your individual portfolio.

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Who Will Benefit From These Proven Strategies?

Are you searching for control over your investment decisions?

Are you determined to leave a legacy?

Are you craving independence?

Are you driven to create an abundance of resources to help others?

Are you wanting to focus on your health and live a more stress-free life?

Are you imagining a care-free retirement where you can enjoy the best years of your life?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions…

Then my book Unstoppable Prosperity can help give you the exact path and plan you are searching for.

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Finally, A Stock Market Strategy ThaT
“Levels the Playing Field”
for Hard-Working American Investors
“This Book Contains Stock Investing Secrets Designed for the 99%, Not the 1%”

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“I decided to buy your book because I don’t know that much about the stock market, and it sounded like it would be easy to follow. so I bought it and read it and followed your advice and have been doing really well.” Rebekah M. - West Plains, MO Poultry Farmer


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Why am I So Convinced that I Can Help You Use the Stock Market to Build Unstoppable Prosperity?
Hi, I’m Charles Payne,

Host of Making Money on Fox Business and regular guest on the Fox News Channel.

If you have watched me even just once on Fox Business, you will know I have been sharing my knowledge with Americans for years to give you an advantage in the stock market.

My journey to financial freedom started in the depths of poverty in Harlem.

Driven to escape poverty and provide prosperity for my family, I rose through the ranks of Wall Street. I was fortunate to achieve a level of success that was beyond even what I had imagined as a child.

But I became disillusioned with firms on Wall Street that prioritized making money for themselves, not for clients.

Against the odds and the advice of my disbelieving peers, I turned my back on Wall Street’s status quo to start my own independent market research firm.

Since then my unique investing strategy and stock selections have, for years, produced returns far exceeding the market’s averages. To prove this fact to you, I am throwing open the pages of my personal investment playbook.

I’m doing this for one simple reason…

Because I have experienced the freedom that only comes from Unstoppable Prosperity. Now, I want this for you…

Charles Payne

“From over 35 years of professional investing experience, I can tell you with absolute certainty that the greatest asset in this game isn’t money, it’s knowledge.”

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Order the Book Now and
I Will Share How I Pick Winners From Losers To Build Unstoppable Prosperity

…You have never bought stock or traded the market before

…You have lost money in the stock market in the past

…You have experienced some minor trading success but yearn for more

…You are looking to diversify your investments to protect your future

…You have an underperforming portfolio of any size

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I 100% guarantee that you will love my book, or I will return your shipping cost and let you keep the book anyway.

That’s right. You don’t even have to send anything back. Just email my team at and I’ll reimburse your shipping cost with no questions asked.

I am only extending this guarantee to you because I believe so strongly in my strategy that I am willing to take the risk to help you achieve your Unstoppable Prosperity.
So, Just to Recap,
Here’s What You Get When You Just Pay Shipping & Handling Today…

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Capitalize on the Generational Opportunity in Front of You
Today AND Learn to Thrive in All Stock Market Conditions
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The Biggest Blocker to Unstoppable Prosperity Isn’t Picking Stocks and determining entry and exit points,
It’s Inaction

If you have worked hard all your career and been smart with your money to get where you are today, here’s my promise to you…

I will give you a straightforward, no nonsense strategy to help you confidently manage your financial future and build lasting personal wealth.

Plus, I give you my word that the strategy you will learn doesn’t require an economics degree or previous investing experience.

So, If You Are Willing To Take the Necessary Action Today to Commit to Your Financial Future…
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