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Unstoppable Prosperity Book Unstoppable Prosperity Book
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Turn Today’s Market Challenges into Opportunities

After the fastest retreat into bear market territory in history… the economy is opening back up for business. There's still a lot of turmoil, but as you’ll learn in my new book UNSTOPPABLE PROSPERITY, it’s also creating a generational investing opportunity.

This is a unique market situation, but similar to past crisis, I think we could come out of this one sooner fundamentally. There will be an urge from lots of people to make it all back quickly, others will keep their head in the sand, and far too many will take losses, which I'm 100% sure they will regret at some point in the not-too-distant future.

There are stocks that won’t come back. By the same token, there are stocks where the new way of life in America has changed their fundamentals.

Don’t Miss this Generational Buying Opportunity

I believe we can turn this time in history into a monumental positive, as we are entering the generational buying opportunity window, not unlike those created in 2002-2003 and 2009. Did you miss those? Did you take losses and never return to the stock market?

Let’s change that this time around.

I have never been this confident about the market rebounding swiftly, in ways never seen before. I have no illusions about how selective the winners will be as the rebound climbs. So don’t miss out. Use the strategies I lay out for you in UNSTOPPABLE PROSPERITY to not just survive but thrive in these challenging times.

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About Charles Payne

At the age of 14 Charles Payne became fascinated with Wall Street. In the years that followed he knew in his heart it was his path to prosperity – the catalyst that would lift him from depths of poverty in his old Harlem neighborhood to the height of wealth on Wall Street. Against all odds… driven by shear will and determination… he succeeded!

But Wall Street was not all that Charles had envisioned it to be. The system was flawed… skewed in the favor of the firms rather than the investors. Compensation was based on making money for the house, not the clients. This “broken system” forced good, hardworking salespeople to recommend stocks, funds and products that were not always the best option for the clients.

Frustrated and disenchanted with this reality… Charles walked away from his high commission Wall Street job to start his own independent market research firm. Using his own unique investing strategy, Charles’ stock selections produced returns far exceeding the market’s averages. His success caught the attention of the media. He was frequently asked to appear on CNBC, and when Fox Business was started in 2007, he was offered the opportunity help guide investors on TV daily.

Today, in addition to hosting Making Money with Charles Payne (2-3pm EST M-F on Fox Business), Charles also guest hosts for Stuart Varney and Neil Cavuto. In addition, Charles appears daily on Fox News as “The Money Man” on America’s Newsroom with Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith.

What Others Are Saying About Charles

“I’ll pay for the cost of your book and DVD. You just cover delivery. Tell me where to ship your FREE copies Today!”

~ Charles Payne

Unstoppable Prosperity Book
Unstoppable Prosperity Book

“I’ll pay for the cost of your book and DVD. You just cover delivery. Tell me where to ship your FREE copies Today!”

~ Charles Payne